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6 On Asphalt Posts

Day 33 – There’s no place like home

Today’s plan is to get home, no matter what. There is a lack of confidence in whether or not my bike will make it based off what happened yesterday but because we are so close to home our plan is to ride it out as much as possible and as soon as my bike breaks down, myself and Gomes’ will…


Day 32 – Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s 5am when the alarms on our phones start playing. Not only is this the earliest we have awoken on this trip but its also on the coldest morning. Over night the temperature dropped to 48 degrees F, which feels like 30 once you get on the bike and fight the wind that’s doing everything in it’s power to creep…

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Day 31- Coffee & Campfires

This morning finds us at the beautiful and hip Little Tart Bakeshop. With only a few days left till we’re back home, we wanted to spend some time catching up on work. I felt right at home here, with everyone around me on their laptops typing away and discussing upcoming projects that they’ve got. This creative community got me excited and anxious…

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Barber Motorsport Museum

If you have any interest in 2 wheeled motorized machines, this is your Mecca. A pilgrimage should be made here every year for those who keep the wind at their face and sun to their back. The photos below will do the talking as there isn’t much else to say except that you must go there for yourself.


Day 30- ATL

There was a pep to our step on this morning. As we loaded up our bikes through the very convenient door into the garage, we discussed how awesome this museum is going to be. It opens up at 12pm so we’ve got some time to load up our bikes with no rush and grab some breakfast before heading there. We…

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Day 29- Sweet Home Alabama

This morning started just like any other┬ámorning of this trip has: load up the bikes, do last looks to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind and gear up to head out. The sun was beaming down hard and it looked to be a rain free day. As we left New Orleans, we got to see just how much water…

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Day 28- Beignets & Rain

First thing I noticed as soon as I woke up is that it was still raining, hard. The goal for today is to shoot Austin & Julian working out together somewhere in the city but with it pouring out, our options are very limited. It’s got me a bit bummed however first things first, food. Today’s morning mission was to…

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