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Day 30- ATL

There was a pep to our step on this morning. As we loaded up our bikes through the very convenient door into the garage, we discussed how awesome this museum is going to be. It opens up at 12pm so we’ve got some time to load up our bikes with no rush and grab some breakfast before heading there. We grab a bite at The Egg & I which is about 12 miles away from the museum to fill up on enough food for a few hours since we’ll probably be at Barber Motorsports for awhile. As we make our way towards the museum the road there takes us through a nice and pleasant cruise beside the local Lake Purdy. Upon arrival, we see the sign, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. It’s about to go down. 


We pull into the front of the building where there’s a big circle that provides parking for motorcycles only. After parking and leaving our gear behind, we go inside. To say that our minds were blown is an understatement. I’ll let Marcos gallery show you just a few of the motorcycles they had here. Insane. 


After we exited the museum, we took a breather to try and take in what glorious engineering we just witnessed. Anyone who has even the slightest interest in motorcycles needs to come and see this place for themselves. With 4 floors filled with almost every motorcycle you could possibly imagine, you can certainly spend a whole day here. We were more than satisfied and ready to move on. We gas up and roll out to push forward toward Atlanta, Georgia which is about 130 miles away and shouldn’t take us more than 2 hours to get there.

At one of our stops on the way to ATL, we go on Airbnb to see what our options are looking like. After searching for a few minutes, I noticed one apartment that stood out quite a bit. Pricing seemed reasonable and the place looked cool as hell so we booked it. 

When we get to Airbnb apartment, it’s just as cool as we could’ve imagined. On the outside it looks like a garage but inside it’s got a full kitchen, bedroom, bath and backyard. Now it doesn’t sound like anything special but it was the way the owner had it set up and decorated with motorcycle memorabilia which made us feel like it was simply meant to be. 


Our host Libby, who was very friendly, welcomed us to her home and offered to give us a ride to where the locals go to hang out. Based on what she told us, this was a very popular area where you’d find a bunch of the locals hanging out. We hop into her Jeep, Marco in the passengers side and me in the back with no seat but it’s ok because I have her dog to keep me company. 


As she takes us around town in this old school Jeep, Marco and I are just enjoying every moment of it, not believing where we are and what we’re doing at this moment in time. It was cool as hell cruising around in that thing. As we drove, Libby would greet almost everyone she’d see along the way, particularly because she personally knew them. We were getting a tour not only of the area but of the locals as well and what makes this place so unique. I was loving Atlanta already.


After parking, she points out to us to some of the bars around the neighborhood and we head off on our own for the rest of the night. Although were not in Atlanta for too long, the little time that we have been here have been fantastic and we’re both very thankful that we came. 

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