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Day 31- Coffee & Campfires

This morning finds us at the beautiful and hip Little Tart Bakeshop. With only a few days left till we’re back home, we wanted to spend some time catching up on work. I felt right at home here, with everyone around me on their laptops typing away and discussing upcoming projects that they’ve got. This creative community got me excited and anxious to go home and get back to work. Shit, I even thought about what it would be like living down here, especially since the film industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. People here all seem great and there’s a strong community around us, I definitely dig this town. After about 3 hours we decide to roll out and see how far we can get, the goal is to get to Asheville, North Carolina which is about 200 miles. That’s where we plan to hop onto the Blue Ridge Parkway which’ll certainly change up the scenery for the better once more before getting home.


At this point in the trip, I can confidently say that we could easily cover 200 miles in no time, however, that’s because most of the roads we’ve taken haven’t been too bad with traffic (or bad drivers). This time, however, is when I really started taking notice of how much of an impact a bad driver can make on the flow of traffic. Most of the ride consisted of a bunch of trucks on the right lane and scared drivers on the left. After awhile this can cause some serious frustration, especially after we’ve pretty much set our own pace these past few days.

At one of our stops to refuel, which didn’t have us out too far from Asheville, we decided to figure out where we’d stay for the night. We explored if there were airbnb’s in Asheville and found a few places but nothing that really drew us in. The idea of camping was mentioned and considering we never actually got to set up at an actual campsite we went for it. Marco found a campground in North River Mills Campground which was within a hours ride from us and not too far from Asheville, which means we’re not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

After arriving at the campground area, we found ourselves driving around aimlessly. A few U-turns later I spot someone wandering around and ask him about how to get a campsite. He points across the street to a camper where the manager is. After an introduction and brief description of how to get set up for the night by the elderly manager, we head out into the grounds. 


With nightfall quickly approaching we unload our gear, put up our tents and get some firewood to get a campfire going. Knowing all too well that the trip is quickly coming to an end, we do our best to keep the fire alive for as long as we can, for this could most likely be the last one we’ll have before the trip is over.


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